Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most efficient ways for anyone to make money on the internet from home. With the right moves and strategies, you’ll be able to establish your online presence.

Suppose you want to make money from your site, or find partners who will promote the product/service you sell online in order to increase your visitors and ultimately your customers. In that case, this affiliate marketing guide will solve many of your questions.

In addition, it will give you very useful tips but will also help you start from scratch and see your income grow by joining a network of partners who aim to promote each other and share their profits. But don’t rush to think that it’s something simple and it can happen overnight.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is the branch of marketing that’s based on the logic of profit sharing to those who promote a product or service. With this, anyone who promotes products of other people or companies earns a commission from the profits.

In this way, they are motivated to promote a product that they like and consider to have value. At the same time, the advertiser wins as he creates a network of partners who aim to promote, advertise, and ultimately sell his product.

Who is an Affiliate in Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate is the one who promotes the product or service that has been selected. It can be an individual, but it can also be a entire company. There are sites wholly or partly dedicated to product promotion.


An affiliate promotes the product online in various ways. In more detail:

  • It can have a banner on its site, with which it sends/routes traffic to the advertiser’s site.
  • They may have a blog where they write articles that present and advertise the product, or do indirect marketing offering useful tips and tips on this industry.
  • Apart from the website or blog, which are the most common starting points of the Affiliate Marketing campaign, the flourishing of social media has also brought them to the fore, so someone who maintains a Facebook page or an account in another, can become an affiliate in social media.


There are two important things for an Affiliate to remember :

  1. In any promotional action, they must put the affiliate link to the advertised product.
  2. Promote products and services in an industry that knows them, and that’s relevant to his subject. Only then will they be able to create content that has value, attract an audience, and ultimately refer that audience to the advertiser.


For example, if one has a site with articles on topics such as women and beauty, then it would be very effective to add a banner or write an advertorial for a face-care product since the target group of both is the same. The site owner knows the market well, can give useful tips, and can adequately evaluate the product they present.


The knowledge it will offer will be essential, and the link it will add is much more likely to be clicked/followed.


Who Is The Advertiser In Affiliate Marketing

An advertiser can be anyone who has a website. Usually, advertisers are e-shops, however, it’s not necessary to make a direct sale through affiliate marketing. Instead, the advertiser may want to promote something else and achieve it with other actions.

For example, they may want more visitors to their site to increase brand awareness, and reward the affiliate for each visitor they bring, or for each subscription to the newsletter. Therefore, the type of advertiser and the affiliate’s reward depends on the energy they want to achieve depending on the goals they promote.


Which Affiliate Marketing supports advertising Campaigns?

The advertising campaigns supported by Affiliate Marketing are as follows:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC ): In these campaigns, the affiliate earns a certain amount for each click made on the advertiser’s link, which is in a banner, text, or image. It’s the simplest form of a campaign because it’s based on the traffic brought by the affiliate without giving a basis to its conversion into sales and therefore returns the lowest amount per click.
  • Cost Per Action/Cost Per Lead (CPA /CPL): The affiliate is paid when the visitor to the advertiser’s page completes a pre-defined action. Such an action can be subscribing to an email list or newsletter or subscribing to a member.
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS): The cost per sale campaign is similar to the previous one since the affiliate gets a commission if a specific action is done, i.e., online sale in the e-shop of the advertiser. These are targeted campaigns that require a high conversion rate of visitors, but are well paid.
  • Revenue Sharing (REVSHARE): This type of Affiliate Marketing campaign is popular with lucrative online businesses that don’t just make specific sales but provide ongoing services, such as gambling sites. The advertiser shares a percentage of his profits with the affiliate.
  • Cost Per Thousand (CPT): These are Cost Per View (CPV) campaigns in which the affiliate is paid based on the impressions of an ad. Because the journey from the appearance of an advertisement to the achievement of a sale is long with a low conversion rate, the affiliate is paid per thousand impressions of an ad.
  • Cost Per Install (CPI): CPI campaigns are run especially for websites that sell or provide free software, in which the software website is advertised, and the affiliate is paid for each installation of the program.

What are Referrals?

The increase in global competition and the growth of the internet has resulted in the creation of affiliate networks, which bring advertisers in contact with affiliates. Many Affiliate Management companies work with such networks or have their own network.

The goal of these networks is to attract a very large number of advertisers and affiliates and ultimately increase their influence by attracting new partners. These networks are also very important for the affiliates that manage to achieve an increased percentage of clicks and conversions in the advertiser and finally have hundreds or thousands of smaller affiliates.


In Conclusion …

Affiliate Marketing is a new type of business that can offer you money only if you understand its rules and take it seriously and receive help from professionals like The Stars Media.

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