Copywriting vs. Content Writing

If you deal with digital marketing, you will be surprised by the vast terminology. Sometimes even professionals disagree on the terms and their true meaning. What most people confuse is Copywriting and Content Writing. The confusion is spread on all social media, and people are wondering which service they need for their website, or which… Continue reading Copywriting vs. Content Writing

5 easy ways to update your website

Your business website is not only your virtual showcase but also a Digital Marketing tool. By presenting fresh content every time people visit your website, you encourage them to visit it more often and enable it to rank better in the organic search engine results. But what happens when you don’t have something new to share and refer… Continue reading 5 easy ways to update your website

10 tips for managing your social

  Many years ago, access to information was limited. As a result, small business owners had to cultivate strong relationships with their customers to succeed as well as get recommendations. These days people “talk” and interact through social media. When the content is informative or smart or funny, it’s shared, and many people read it. The… Continue reading 10 tips for managing your social

12 easy SEO steps to optimize your website

We all want to see our page appear first in Google searches. But how can we achieve this? According to Google statistics, more than 2.2 million searches are performed daily, so the competition is strong and uses all the digital tools at its disposal, especially SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes a website by applying specific… Continue reading 12 easy SEO steps to optimize your website