Four Importance of Quality Link Building

Four Importance of Quality Link Building

Link building and SEO are two things that seem to go hand in hand. Link building does not likely give a high ranking factor but it has a tendency to make a page rank high than whoever the competition is. Understanding the importance of quality link building is essential to SEO campaign and can as well dictate the way online visibility is achieved.

Link building is the process by which hyperlinks are built to redirect from other websites to yours. The links on your individual pages and other general pages are scoured and scrutinized by search engines to determine if it is a good link or relevant. Any link to your site informs the search engine of the resourcefulness of your website on the subject. It portrays your website as one that is worth a citation. Link building varies in the way they can be complex or difficult and actually consumes time in an SEO campaign. There is a way links appeal to the individual too and some links are of greater value than others. For instance, a link from a .gov address or a reputable journalism website would be given more credits and attention than one from an anonymous food blogger’s website.

Here are four ways quality link building can affect your page and become the building block of your SEO strategy.

It provides Referral Traffic: There is a concept known as ‘link juice’. This is how quality backlinks tend to earn your website higher Google rankings. The more the merrier, so the higher number of quality backlinks your website have, the better for your ranking. A quality link from a website often visited does not only give you ‘link juice’, it also increases the traffic to your site. Ensure you are linked to websites that share relevance with/or are similar to yours. There is a high chance their traffic is relevant as well, hence aiding the increase of traffic to your site. This doesn’t have to strictly be about a site that has a high traffic. It could be a small blog with a very passionate following and audience. The relevance of the blog to your site trumps reaching a general, larger audience.

Aids Sales Opportunities: A healthy number of traffic means you have potential customers which opens more sales opportunities. These sales will come from the rankings you have been given by Google and luckily, from the quality referrals you have gotten from the different links you have put on other’s website. This simply means you get to sell a lot of products or services thereby generating revenue from that.

It helps build relationships: Since quality link building is not something you can do devoid of association or cooperation from other parties, you are compelled to reach out to relevant blogs or sites. These blogs or sites are often aligned with your goals or related to the piece you have created be it a promotional piece, an infographic material or anything like it. The sole reason you are reaching out is to gain a link but you can only do that alongside building a business relationship with the owner of the blogs. This gives you access to important people in the industry and you soon find yourself in a network of influencers who can help you achieve your SEO goals.

Builds Your Brand: To build your brand and command sufficient authority in your industry, you need quality link building. Your brand needs to be at the forefront, leading the pack and one of the ways you can do this is encouraging guest posting as well as content marketing that is loaded with high-quality content. The more expertise you can show at what you do, the better your chances of having an authoritative voice as a brand owner. The reward is recognition and surplus inbound links within your industry.

Link building has always been a great part of SEO and it has definitely come to stay. It is important if you intend to achieve real success in SEO strategy. These and many more are what we offer at thestarsmedia. Get in touch with us today and let us transform your business.