Reasons You Need an SEO Experts

Have you ever gone past the first page of a Google search? If your answer is yes, you are one of the few archaeologists and earth drillers we have on the internet. A study showed that 28.5% of internet users clicked the number one organic search result on Google’s first page. The study was conducted with 80 million keywords and if you know what that means, it is a simple way of telling you your page does not matter if it is not on Google’s first page. This is where SEO experts come in and take the rest. They are all the magic you need and have to employ to be where your business needs to be – at the top of the pack.

Before we dive into reasons you need SEO experts, let us get familiar with these people. An SEO expert is a person who optimises and analyses your web content to position you where your target audience would be able to find you easily when they search for your company online. They take charge of your business and develop an SEO strategy to put your business on Google, ensure it ranks high and generate a lot of organic traffic for your business.

Below are the services you require from an SEO expert that will put your business or company where you desire it to be.

Website Auditing: This is often the first thing an SEO expert does after you’ve been accepted as a client. It continues subsequently so as to be up to date on your Google rankings and your website’s performance. An SEO expert analyses your website from their own professional perspective and give suggestions on how improvements can be achieved.  They go to great lengths checking your content, individual pages, site performance, meta descriptions amongst other factors that determine the ranking of search engines.

SEO audits are mean t to gauge the effect of your website and how valuable it is to researchers or internet users. They try to ascertain that search engines understands what your website is, does or entails. They also search for things such as keywords and content, the level to which your site can be trusted and the ease of access to your website.

Optimization: An SEO expert helps to optimize the content on your website with the right phrases and the relevant keywords. You may think all you need to do is lump of relevant keywords in your content but you will be doing the unproductive thing. SEO experts are strategic in their recommendations as regards the placement of page titles, keywords, sub headings in the content. They suggest placement that in the end appeal to the audience as it looks natural.

Natural Language processing & Semantics: There is a data that anticipates that by 2024, the world will have about 8.4 billion digital voice assistants. At present, search engines have jumped on this trend and are updating their algorithm to that effect. These search engines now process queries using natural language as opposed to plain keywords to give useful search results. Because of the ever growing preference of quite specific, long-tailed queries where about 15% of them are being used for the first time, NLP is now a necessity. Google now relies on the kind of machine learning that can easily recognize semantic links in different keywords. A top SEO expert would help you optimise for these two necessary additions into SEO strategy.

Researching Competitors: Your competitors are one of the important things that your SEO expert look into. They search what keywords gave them rank and try to see why they are competing with you in the first place. If they have an article on the same subject you need to write in, you must go ahead and get a more detailed one than them. The following are part of the things researching your competitor involves;

  • Analysing the backlink profiles of competitor
  • Monitoring ranking of keywords
  • Analysing competitors’ PPC keywords to know their rank in paid search
  • Identifying how you can gain advantage through ‘content gaps.’

Whenever you want to go on your SEO campaign, do not forget you need the services of a top SEO expert. It speeds up your result. And there is no better one out there you can find than thestarsmedia. Reach out to us today.