5 easy ways to update your website

Your business website is not only your virtual showcase but also a Digital Marketing tool. By presenting fresh content every time people visit your website, you encourage them to visit it more often and enable it to rank better in the organic search engine results. But what happens when you don’t have something new to share and refer to the same things you’ve already said, but in different words?

A healthy website is one that keeps its content updated. In fact, Google uses Freshness Factors to help evaluate the quality of your content. Conversely, outdated content on your website can negatively affect its ranking. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to do a complete configuration to reap the benefits of a change. Take a look at five easy ways we use to keep our content up to date and fresh without having to spend many hours at a time.


Change your images

Images are one of the most important elements you have on your website. They can set the tone right away, boost the Brand and help visitors decide if they want to learn more or jump to another site. In fact, some studies report that compelling images have almost double the visibility of boring visual content. So, make sure you use high-quality pictures of your products and your banners. Any size larger than 200kb is excessive and harmful to the website, and is only recommended in exceptional cases and exclusively for header or background images of a page. An ordinary photo is suggested to be compressed to take up less than 100kb of space. The resolution that an image of the above sizes must have to occupy a small volume must be no larger than 72 px/inch: from then on, there will be practically no difference in the photo’s clarity, while we can have decent results even with lower resolution. You can also refresh all your social media posts to give your customers a feeling of a positive change.

JPG format offers better compression while maintaining the resolution of a multicolored photo and is recommended when we have to upload such images. In addition, PNGs provide other benefits, including fewer colors, and are used for images that are logos or sketches. To upload a photo to a site, we need to convert it to JPG format. In this way,

  • we have better quality in our image
  • we occupy a smaller volume
  • we achieve greater speed on our website


Optimize your blog content

If traffic to your blog posts has dropped significantly, a refresh may be all you need to fix it. Do a little research on the keywords to find where you can make improvements without a total rewrite.

  • Which keywords are you already rating for?
  • What keywords do your competitors rank for?
  • Are there any keywords related to your content?

Tools like Moz, HubSpot Analytics, and Ahrefs give you information based on information about your own site and those of your competitors, so you can see exactly what you need to do to optimize your content. This way, you can track the performance and position of your website up or down in the search engines. Then, once you have determined which keywords to use, you can change the content of your website and include them where it makes sense.

Repair broken links

Broken Links can be caused by outbound pages you link in your website. Things like moving, removing a page or content can all contribute to broken links. In addition, these links can hurt your website ranking in search engine organic results. So you should gradually look for links that may not work to redirect them so that visitors will visit the relevant page when they click. If you have a large website, a tool like Ahrefs can check your links, so you don’t have to do it manually and know where to spend your time exploring to fix broken links.

Review existing content

Google has stated that spelling mistakes and bad grammar don’t work against the site ranking. But they have also pointed out that the top sites tend to have flawless content. Think of it as a sign of trust. Websites that are full of misspellings or bad grammar are less likely to be trusted by visitors, and they would get a bad impression of your business. So, it’s a good idea to make sure your content is flawless at all times.

Improve the communication form

The purpose of the contact form is to collect data from the user. But what number of data? All of us, more or less, have filled out an online survey form in which there are a large number of fields, which is wrong for two reasons. First, you take up too much of your visitors’ time, and second, you tire him with all the questions or data, and he may give up halfway.

Research has shown that the less we ask, the more likely the user is to communicate. A communication form with three fields increases this probability by 25%. Ideally, there should be the following fields:

  • Email
  • Theme
  • Message

An additional factor is the amount of information requested. The ‘Message’ field, for example, is a text area. If we have enough such fields, the visitor may hesitate to fill them all in. So, if we apply these ways of improving the communication form, we improve the image of our site since we make this page look attractive in the eyes of the visitor without driving him away.


Consumers always want the new, the one that reflects the spirit of each era. When a corporate website looks like it was made, e.g., in the ’90s, his visitor can easily consider that the company he belongs to has to review its corporate practices and philosophy. More specifically, suppose you enter an e-shop to make a purchase, and it seems outdated. It is reasonable to assume that its appearance is probably not the only feature that has long been upgraded and that it may not use the latest electronic security rules.

Frequent updating of your site may seem tedious, but it should not be. Even a few minor changes here and there can be enough to keep things fresh and to welcome your guests. But most importantly, it shows that you are constantly investing in the success of your site, as visitors and search engines will notice.


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