Specialist Affiliate Management

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the most typical online Performance-based Marketing method. In essence, it’s the relationship between the Advertiser and the Affiliate/Publisher. In the relationship between the two, the latter, with “tool” the internet, and the Affiliate distribution platforms create targeted content, promoting the products or services of the former. Through affiliate links, it can “send” visitors to the Advertiser’s website. Then, if and when the guests make the pre-agreed action or transaction, it is paid with the corresponding commission. A great method to make money is by promoting products. Indeed, it is a great method to reach your products or services to maximum potential customers.

Let's look at an example of Affiliate Marketing!

The Affiliate posts an article on his blog with relevant affiliate links and increases the traffic to the Advertiser’s website. Then, when a visitor purchases within the website, the Affiliate receives the commission that corresponds to that purchase. This payment method is called Cost per Action ( CPA ). It’s quite popular, and at the same time, differentiates Affiliate Marketing from other advertising methods. With our innovative strategies in Affiliate Marketing, sales will increase immediately with a model that will be rewarded based on the result and performance.