What is the landing page in SEO?

A landing page is a web page standing alone that all visitors land whenever they visit a site. This visit could result from an ad, email, or other means. The landing page is the homepage specifically created with call-to-action words to encourage visitors to patronize your products or services. A landing page can use any or all of the following call-to-action sentences:

⦁ Get the visitor to click on a particular link or item
⦁ Get the visitor to buy or purchase a product/service
⦁ Get the visitor to subscribe by dropping an email or phone.
⦁ Get the visitor to tell or refer a friend
⦁ Get the visitor to comment or feedback

The use of landing pages is a common SEO practice. Besides the advantage of user actions, using landing pages can help track the activities of users on your site. Landing pages help in user experience optimization. It is useful in internet marketing and pay-per-click marketing sites. Usually, landing pages are set up to link to several other pages within the website. It is an orphan page as with many regular sites without SEO practice. Landing pages work bests for multipage sites such as Thestarsmedia. It is a typical example of a site with multiple pages.

Importance of landing pages in SEO

It can be confusing and unproductive to simply link and bring visitors to your site without a purpose. There ought to be precise information or action the visitor should take upon visiting the site. This is termed conversion, which is better than visits. Call-to-action words and sentences on the homepage help to point visitors in the right direction.

Most pages apart from the landing pages are not fully SEO optimised. The best most people do it so put SEO keywords in the title, which is fair but not good enough. The keywords can also be used in the contents on the other pages. Some users might not have enough time to check every category, especially first-time visitors. You can bring something from other pages to the landing page to help you improve the overall visitor experience.

Landing pages help to improve the SEO capacity of your site. Since it allows you to use several relevant keywords in various sections.

Landing pages help not only drive visitors’ conversion but also prolong the stay of the visitor while visiting other pages from the homepage.

Elements of a good landing page
A good landing page contains certain elements that help to achieve its aim. Maximum utilization of these elements can result in an excellent outcome for the site.

Good content is one of the best elements of a landing page. A landing page is nothing without content. The content must be relevant, engaging, interesting and factful. It should be a summary of the major focus of the site coined in a smart way to utilize the keywords. Using the keywords is important in the content. It is also important to avoid keyword stuffing, which is common in SEO. Use the right keywords in the headings, and engaging, in between the sentences, and make sure it flushes. You can use the services of SEO content experts for better results. Thestarsmedia can provide such services at an affordable rate. Use keyword variations for wider coverage. You can also include RSS feeds to keep you updated always.

Link development campaign is a key part of SEO, especially for a landing page. Landing pages let you spread the links to make your site appear more natural. Links on the landing page help you utilize various keywords within the landing page. You can use various anchor texts for different pages of interest and link them to the homepage. From the landing, you can use links to bring in different pages of interest. A smart content creator can seamlessly merge your anchor text and links to work in unison.

Whatever is not tracked cannot be measured. If you are looking to optimise your landing page, then you should be tracking the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. Tracking is a key element of landing pages. Landing pages let you track visitors’ details such as the source of visit, IP address, impressions, and length of stay. Depending on the Search Engine Optimization, you can track several other details from the landing page. Landing page tracking helps you manage your site traffic and make informed decisions concerning the site.

A landing page is key in SEO when fully utilized with the relevant call to action words, keywords link all embedded in the right content. A good combination of the elements list, such as the content, links, keywords, and tracking, will ultimately result in great impressions and conversion rates. Wherever you are unsure, get the services of experts for optimal results.

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