Essential Website Optimization Strategies

Website optimization is simply a means to improve the response and effectiveness of a website. Several strategies and approaches can be employed to improve a website. Website optimization can bring in lots of revenue for a business. To start with, you need to analyse the website to determine its current performance. This will form a baseline for future reference after the optimization process. Website optimization brings amazing returns on investment for the business. To simplify the process, below are the smart strategies that can help improve the overall performance of the website:

Search engine optimization

One of the most powerful marketing tools available on the internet days remains search engine optimization. Optimizing for search engines does not only guarantee traffic but increases your relevance as well. organic search results are always more trust than pop-ups and unsolicited advertisements. Search engine optimizations start with getting Google to correctly index all your pages. Also, ensure your site does not have any obvious SEO errors which can impede the results. Google has a feature called Google Search Console which is designed to help you identify all the fundamental issues and how you can fix them. Better still consult the services of experts such as
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Optimizing the mobile experience

Research has it that majority of website visitors come from smartphone users. People usually check the site firstly with a smartphone and then later with a PC or laptop. To succeed in business, your website must be mobile-friendly. Google is the most visited site, over 60% of the visitors emanate from smartphone users. Website optimization should begin with making it mobile-friendly. There is usually a mobile-friendly test you can perform for free. Google has a free mobile test you can perform to ascertain the mobile optimization level of your site. Carry out the test and fix any issues identified. Make sure the site loads in good time and is formatted correctly. Ensure all the texts have good font size. Additionally, check that all the graphics are showing in the correct size.

Optimizing page speed

A visitor can easily close the page or lose interest once a page is taking too long to respond. The longer it takes for a site to load up the chances of losing the visitor increase. For a good customer experience, the website should load faster. A good site should take about 5 seconds to load all the contents. The importance of page speed cannot be over-emphasized. Page speed is a major criterion that affects the SEO rating of your site. Google SEO ranking often takes into consideration your page speed. Google has a free online page speed insight that lets you know the speed of your site and any issues. Google page speed insight will grade your site and highlight all the issues you can fix. Some of the most commonly pointed issues include no CDN, uncompressed CSS and JS files, and unoptimized pages and images. These issues are easy to fix.


Optimizing websites to drive conversion rates

The content of your website, especially words, is more important than the designs, page speed and usability. The words are your message, they help determine conversion rates. Interestingly, the easiest thing to change in SEO is words. The conversion rate can increase by up to 90% with the addition of a single word to your topics or headlines. Do not be in a hurry to publish words on your website. Get the services of a professional copywriter such as thestarsmedia and let them insert the right keywords in the content. This will help improve your conversion rate.

Optimizing for user experience

Excellent user experience is important in every website. So, every website optimization strategy should include optimizing for a better user experience. For the best user experience, every website should have the seamless navigation, compatibility to mobile devices, digestible content, calls-to-actions and customer support. All these will go a long way in determining the conversion rate of every website. For instance, every visitor will likely spend more time if the pages open fast, the contents are legible, and a means to seek for help when there is an issue. Ensure to include this in your strategy as you draft out the optimization strategy.

Others worthy of mention include A/B & multivariate testing, and so many more.