Importance of SEO and Social Media Marketing Services

SEO and Social Media Marketing Services in a way go hand in hand. They have their differences but it is not a stark contrast to the end goal they share. The former is just as important as the latter and understanding how to use both to your advantage will bring tremendous advantages to your website or business.

Now, Social Media may take a more casual approach to it mainly because it has to do with connecting with people and socializing where SEO focuses more on your reach, algorithms, Google ranking and how effective your content is measured in a way to place your business on the search engine’s first page. Since Social Media are a major source of entertainment and news and virtually everyone uses it, it is only prudent that any business intent on flourishing takes into consideration the amazing benefits in exploring Social Media Marketing Services. The world is on Social Media and there is absolutely no better place to put your market than in the face of prospective customers.

According to statistics, the number of social media users has risen to 4.57 billion. This new development has seen a recent increase of 346 million new internet users. The upsurge is crazy and any business would want to exploit that to their own advantage. Hence, social media becomes a defining tool for you to thrive with your marketing. Whatever service you are offering, you can put it up on social media. However, you need the employment of Social Media Marketing Agency just as you need Expert SEO Agency to handle your SEO needs especially if you are a big business. Why, you may ask.

Your Potential Customers Are On Social Media

If anything, your potential customers are on social media and referrals is the new cool. Most businesses these days thrive on referrals. There are probably a thousand and one links out there for anything you need and when your customer has a repeat experience of outstanding service from you, they will definitely tell someone.


Now, you don’t get to think your SEO efforts are just a waste of time when it comes to social media marketing. No. Social Media enhances your SEO strategy and efforts. The same way you get to build your brand using SEO strategies, you can also do the same with your social media presence. For instance, who or what do people see when they see you online? Do they see the entrepreneur or just a friend sharing memes? You can use social media to gain organic followers through pushing memorable content, valuable information and while at this, build your brand recognition and identity and feel free to talk about the services you offer. By showcasing to people what you can do and how you can help them achieve their needs or goals, you can drive targets to your business and website.


SEO and Social Media Marketing services sometimes drive the same goals. These impressive statistics will show you why it should probably go together;

  • More than 50% of social media subscribers find out about products on SM platforms
  • A whopping 71% of social media users whose experience with your brand turned out positive will most likely recommend your brand to others be it their family or friends
  • There is a 6x high chance that consumers will buy from a page that has pictures from social media i.e images of real people using your product sells your services
  • There is a tendency for SM users to trust other users’ service and product recommendations over celebrities’ endorsements

For the records, the only place where Social Media has an edge over SEO is the socializing part. SEO will point people to a website but social media build trust and confidence in your audience towards your brand. These two when fused together have the advantages of boosting your sales and giving you the voice you so seek in your industry. Social Media Marketing Services, like SEO experts too can be employed to cater for your needs and encourage your reach to your audience. Remember, you do not need to be the jack of all the trades and it is better you are at what you do best while the hectic part of the business is handled for you. For your social media marketing services and SEO strategy needs, thestarsmedia is the answer and right fit.