Top SEO Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

Every industry has its tools that are necessary to accomplish projects. Digital marketing agencies have special tools they used to achieve excellent results. These tools make work easier and simplify tasks for the agency. All the tools are useful, but not all are needed. Some are prerequisites for achieving a predetermined accurate result. It is not cast in stone, different agencies can have a different set of tools for achieving results. But generally, every digital agency should be investing in these tools for accurate and consistent results. These SEO tools help to determine several things, such as keyword research, competitive research, backlink analysis, technical SEO audit, and position tracking. Let us look at some purpose-driven tools and not generic tools available.



Ahrefs is a household name in the world of SEO. Ahrefs is a major tool for backlink analysis in the modern SEO world. If you want the full benefit, simply get the premium version for unlimited and unrestricted access. Ahrefs is arguably one of the best tools for backlink analysis and a major tool for SEO agencies. It boasts of high accuracy of data. It has over 16 million links in its index and the crawlers can process about 5 billion web pages daily. Despite this robust database and functionality, Ahrefs has a good user interface. Ahrefs has a tool called site explorer, this robust tool enables you to view your competitors’ sites and links with the gauge of the backlinks. It also allows you to do keyword analyses for ranking. Ahrefs has some other useful tools, such as a rank tracker and keyword explorer. The rank tracker allows you to do keyword research from about 170 countries around the world.



Semrush is specifically built for keyword research, website SEO audit, and competition analysis. Although it is free to use a premium version grants unlimited access to all the functions. With Semrush, you can gain good insight into your competitors. Agencies use this tool to search for keyword competitions, keyword density and volume and traffic potentials. In using Semrush, it is important to understand how to do proper keyword analysis for optimal results. Once you identify the keyword focus, you need deep dive into the long-tail and head-term keywords. In most cases, keywords with low competition, low keyword difficulty, and medium search volume are always advisable. Semrush also has a feature called the site audit tool, which enables you to do a comprehensive site SEO audit. With this tool, you can identify all the SEO issues and fix them for better results.



This is one of the cheapest SEO tools you can get for now. Serpstat started first as a simple keyword research tool but later transformed into a complete SEO analysis tool. You can do competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, technical site audits, and many more. Some of the top features of Serpstat include the site audit tool, which permits you to discover all SEO issues with your site. It also has a search questions ability that allows you to find ideas for niche research and content that drives traffic.


If you are looking at optimizing conversion rates, then HubSpot is the tool for you. This tool enables you to manage conversion rates in ways that can cause improvement. HubSpot has content strategy tools that easily allow you to discover the ranks of the topics of importance. It is very useful in researching keywords for your client’s site. HubSpot can be paired with a tool such as A/B testing, calls-to-action, landing pages, and conversational bots. This pairing allows you to maximise conversation rates, including micro conversions and macro conversions. Micro conversions are mostly for promos and newsletters. Macro conversions are about the visitors that buy the products and services, the most important of all visitors. To get the best of HubSpot, you need to subscribe to the premium package.



SpyFu is one of the foremost competitive keyword research tools available today. It is an eponymous PPC and SEO research platform that initially started out as a tool for “spying” your competitors keywords. It has features that lets your do a comprehensive keywords research, backlink poaching and content analysis. It has a free version, but the premium versions have a monthly subscription which gives unlimited access to historical data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.

Top SEO agencies like thestarsmedia use two or more of these tools to get top results for clients.